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TruFlex® + Triazine Tolerant Hybrid Canola

HYOLA® 530XT - "New" Limited Release in 2019

Hyola® 530XT is a GM hybrid which has dual tolerance to both TruFlex® and Triazine chemistries.

Hyola® 530XT has been developed using new improved genetics whilst showing great adaptability in trials to growing regions where growers can achieve average canola yields between 1t/ha to 3.0t/ha. 

Hyola® 530XT has yields up to 15% higher than Hyola® 525RT with an excellent provisional company blackleg rating of "R-MR" and Tri-Gene provisional blackleg groups A,B, D. 

Hyola® 530XT has excellent oil similar to Hyola® 404RR, excellent early plant vigour, shatter tolerance, even flowering and lodging resistance.

Hyola® XT

Combining TruFlex® and Triazine Tolerant herbicide technologies, the Hyola® XT hybrid canola range is an important new tool in high level weedy paddocks and will become a preferred alternative to hybrid and OP varieties.

Number one for flexibility of spray timing with both quick knock down and extended residual protection available using key chemical groups you need, Hyola® XT technology will fast become a vital component in the IWM toolbox. Mixing and rotating herbicide actives in crop is now the most valuable tool in resistance management when compared to rotating over successive seasons with individual chemistries. Visit for more details.

Hyola® XT hybrid canola technology will be adopted and utalised similar to Hyola® RT technology in weedy paddocks where growers are experiencing moderate to high levels of herbicide resistance and/or have increasing levels of wild radish, ryegrass, brome grass, silvergrass, barley grass, dock, sorrel, doublegee, fumitory, shepherds purse, hedge mustard, wild turnip, charlock, pattersons curse, wild oats, cleavers and bifora.


Hyola® 530XT - "New" Limited Release in 2019

Hyola® 530XT with the new TruFlex® + Triazine dual tolerant technology has shown to provide trial results with higher yields and blackleg resistance than the extremely popular RT or TT hybrids, Hyola® 525RT and Hyola® 559TT respectively.

Hyola® 530XT will be recommended for adaption across the 1.00t/ha to 3.0t/ha environments around Southern Australia (West and East).

Hyola® 530XT has shown multi-seasonal adaptation in trials with a very high inherent blackleg protection company provisional rating of "R" with provisional screening identifying Tri-Gene resistance groups A,B,D.

Hyola® 530XT has extremely high oil content similar to Hyola 404RR, with improved shatter tolerance and standability and will provide canola growers with a new level of weed control and performance package.

Herbicide tolerance TruFlex® + Triazine Tolerant
Oil potential 8.0
Blackleg rating (bare seed) "R" - *Provisonal
Blackleg group/s A,B,D - *Provisional
Plant biomass 7.5
Days to 50% flowering 90 - 105
Windrowing maturity Mid
Plant height Medium
#Lodging resistance 8.0
*Shatter tolerance 7.5
^Hectolitre weight 8.0
Adapted yield areas 1.00 - 3.00 t/ha

Ratings are 1-9 : 1 = Poor & 9 = excellent
*Provisional = Internal Company Ratings